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Our customers

Measuring and control systems

For many years our clients have been relying on our precision parts for temperature controllers and flowmeters made of rust-proof and acid-resistant materials as well as specialty materials. In many places where measuring or regulation is required the precision of BORBA has been proving for a long time yet to be a very reliable investment.

Chemical industry

Flanges, nozzles, valves and connections for chemical fittings: take advantage of our years of experience in the treatment and machining of highly alloyed chromium-nickel-steels. Our well-known flexibility enables us to quickly provide our clients with replacements parts during the revision of machines, thus ensuring short machine down time.

Food industry

We support our long-standing clients with the implementation of their needs when dimensional correctness, accuracy of fit and smooth surfaces are concerned. Products used in the food industry leave our premises free of foreign matters and almost sterile.

Printing industry

We have successfully carried out a great number of projects of manufacturing ready-to-install print roll units for all areas of the printing industry as well as the production of all individual components and their assembly into ready-to-install print rolls including surface treatments.

On request, we do also offer our support in construction. Please take advantage

Mechanical Engineering

It is very often the lifetime of machines and plants that decides about the reputation of a manufacturer and the resulting demand of the market for his products.

Here, we can assist in many cases by a medium-tolerance and strictly controlled production of key components in rendering the machinery of our clients less susceptible to malfunction and with their lifetime being extended.


In many cases, the components needed in this industry are of such dimensions that they require big and precise machinery as well as special logistics. With our machines with bed lengths reaching up to 3.6 meters and our crane facilities we reliably solve the most demanding tasks for ship-yards and repair workshops and we also guarantee the transport of rather unusual dimensions.

Other branches

Our commitment to offering our customers a very close and intensive advisory service already qualified us in the past to successfully implement even very ambitious demands of the Automotive Industry, Biomedical Engineering and the Optical Industry.

Our innovative competence already led to the creation of our business unit VIATEC which since then has been developing successfully in the manufacture of fine mechanical components for the aviation industry.