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About us

The BORBA GmbH division VIATEC has started up in 2009 after years of experience having found and applied solutions to technical problems thousands of times, for very different sectors of industry, and answering to requirements of the BORBA GmbH.

For many years, the BORBA GmbH has been a reliable partner for precision engineering products of very different sizes and for various sectors of industry - planned, produced, thoroughly tested and documented within the framework of our Management System DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

In the practical realization of aeronautical engineering requirements our clients have known us for many years as service-orientated, competent and acting sustainably. If you have been looking for a partner who makes sure that the requirements of the aerospace industry are implemented in a critical EN 9100:2009 Management System, so you have found one in BORBA GmbH VIATEC.